Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Interesting Rant from Stephan Molyneux

Molyneux is a popular Youtube radio show host who often posts lengthy "rants" about current affairs.  This one about single motherhood was particularly interesting--he's responding to an article by a single mom explaining why she thinks its a good idea.  Molyneaux-in usual fashion--takes her on point by point.  What do you think?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Do a Child's Preferences About Which Parent He or She Wants to Live With Matter?

Parents engaged in a custody battle often focus on everything from rights to phantom "best interests" to tradition--and family courts seem willing to consider about everything under the sun.  But often the child's wishes in the matter are overlooked, or even if considered, minimized by an overcontrolling parent.  Though all courts will consider a child's preferences, few take the initiative to ask, and unless a child is assertive enough to speak up for him or herself, the child's will is often ignored.

What do the experts say about when a child can make a decision?  What arguments can a child or parent make that will persuade a court?  Here we collect some useful articles for parents or children encountering this often overlooked issue in reading the tea leaves of "best interests"

But what does the child want? 

More Useful Links:



California Law on Child Preferences:

Monday, August 4, 2014

Deep Dive from California Coalition v. San Diego County Bar Association: Emily Garson and Lynn (Lyndolyn) Stuart's Malicious Prosecution of Cole Stuart

Lynn Stuart, Emily Garson, Keith Slotter Team of Perjury
From WeightierMatter.com:

California Coalitions’ complaint in its racketeering lawsuit against the San Diego County Bar Association and its divorce lawyer subsection details the collaboration between San Diego divorce lawyers and the City Attorney’s office in prosecuting critics.  Below we excerpt sections of the complaint detailing the  prosecutorial misconduct of Assistant City Attorney Emily Garson, under supervision of City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, in their illegal prosecution of Colbern Stuart, President of California Coalition.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

F.B.I. Investigating Child Custody Evaluators; San Diego Indictments Coming Soon?

San Diego child custody evaluators may have another opportunity to answer for their fraud and abuse of families soon.  The F.B.I has recently indicted leaders of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) in New York for tax evasion, fraud, ad a "kids for cash" kickback scheme in connection with their appointments to perform custody evaluations and mediations in state family courts.  Local disreputable professionals such as Stephen Doyne, Robert Simon, Lori Love, and our own family courts may soon be joining them in making appearances in federal courts--or federal prisons. Stay tuned.

Monday, July 28, 2014

What Happend To Make You and Mom/Dad Divorce? What to Say When Your Child Finds Out About the Affair...

Parents have to deal with a lot of tough questions from their children--"Why is red red?" "Why can't I have a car?" or (yikes!) "Where do babies come from?"  But maybe none is tougher than the one discussed in this article "Why did you break up my family?"  Parents who think they can give a one-sided explanation are probably in for a shock. Kids are smarter than you think, and the impact of that breakup on their trajectory could have impact much further or deeper than you'd like.  The article below shares that kids take breakups differently at different times, and depending on how well it is handled.  Researchers don't fully understand why or what factors are at play to determine how a child manages a breakup.  What is known, however, should cause you great concern if your a parent--or a child. 

Matthew Horsley, Lynn Stuart, Croix Stuart

Friday, July 25, 2014

What do you tell your child when she or he asks "Why?"

The terrifying truth about custody evaluators--from our friend Charlie Asher of UpToParents, below.

The frightening reality is that custody evaluations are not only unscientific, biased, acrimonious, and often harmful to parents and children, they're extraordinarily expensive.  So, having insisted (or been duped into) one, what do you tell your child when he or she asks for a video game you can't or won't afford? Or a bike? Or a special field trip at school?  Music lessons? A special sports event?

"Sorry, dear! I spent $20,000 wringing out my intense anger against your mom/dad with a quack psychologist who made things worse, so I can't buy you those guitar lessons."

"I know you want to go on that trip with your school that costs $1,000, but mom blew $300,000 on a divorce attorney and got nothing but misery. Sorry!"

"Well yes college is important and I know you want to go, but that can't happen now because I still owe my divorce lawyer $100,000 I can't pay, and can't get a job because I demolished my career, your mom's/dad's career, and pretty much everyone I used to know that could help me get a job is frightened of me now. But hey, you can take out low income loans and be in debt for the rest of your life just like mom and dad!"

The message? "Sorry, Mom's anger at Dad was more important than you, your needs, or your future."

Or how about "Somebody else made me do it"? Is that a better excuse?

How about "I had no choice! I'm a victim!" Does that end the discussion?

What answer could you possibly give that justifies blowing your child's present and future on YOUR shallow, short-sighted emotional narcissism or foolishness in hiring a fraudulent custody evaluator?

If this is you, mom or dad, you probably don't deserve to be near children, much less be a parent to one.

If this is your mom or dad, God bless you. You deserve much, much better.

Friday, July 4, 2014

San Diego Child Abuse Hotline: 858-560-2191

 If You're a Child or Caretaker for a Child and Suspect Child Abuse, Call San Diego Child Abuse Hotline: 858-560-2191The 24-hour Hotline is staffed by trained social workers who receive calls about child abuse, molestation and neglect. Each call is logged and evaluated as to the level of possible risk to the child. Neighbors, friends or relatives concerned about a child's safety, parents who are afraid they may hurt or neglect their child, and children who believe they are being abused should telephone the Hotline to discuss their concerns. Referrals to resources and additional help is given to any who have that need.